Club Car Turf Demo Day at Overstone Park 7th April 2016 Tel: 01327 361423

Occupants will stay dry and comfortable in the heaviest downpour with the Monsoon Top™ canopy, now standard on every Precedent.

Club Car’s efficient charging system ERIC now available on the Precedent Golf Car.





An Aluminum Frame for Longer Life. Club Car’s AlumiCore™ frame. This light frame is rustproof and shaped to be more impact resistant. It preserves the life of your car and enhances its stability, ride and performance.

The Revolution Begins

Club Car’s® motivation has always pushed beyond simply moving golfers and gear around the course. We vowed long ago to be an essential contributor to our customers’ profitability. This commitment has kept Club Car in front of every significant advance in the industry. Now, as ever, your success drives Club Car.

Innovation & Design


From the moment it rolled off the assembly line, Precedent i2 ushered a new standard for refined style and user experience.

Thoughtfully designed with both golfer and operator in mind, none can equal Club Car’s legendary innovations and build quality.

ERIC: Our New, Advanced Charging System

Efficient: With energy costs high and getting higher, reducing consumption is the surest way to control costs.

Reliable: E.R.I.C. is constructed to handle whatever your staff and nature can dish out.

Intelligent: Charger status lights, on-car dash light and audible alerts communicate the car is charging, the state of the charge cycle, battery state of charge and charger faults.

Connected: E.R.I.C is adaptable, updatable and stores data—information that can help you make more informed business decisions.

Golf Car Maintenance

Maintaining your golf car fleet is an important part of your golf operations.  Club Car can provide you all the tools and tips for having an efficient maintenance program to get the most from and prolong the life of your cart.



Visage™ Mobile Golf Information System

Raise productivity, protect assets and increase revenue for your operation.

See the condition of your cars, set-up ‘No Go’ zones and cart paths, communicate with all carts out on the course and even follow up their visit with an email.